Hi! Welcome to my book blog, The Book Theater.

My name is Nashaly, and I am 19 years old. I love art and creativity, so it’s no surprise that I am completely obsessed with books. There are few things more beautiful than picking up a book and getting lost in a fantastical world created by someone else.

For those same reasons, I love listening to music, writing, drawing and creating things, though I’m only good at reading and listening to music (mainly Hamilton. Hamilton stole my heart).

Writing used to be one of my passions, and I still love it a lot, which is the reason I created a book blog. (Two things I love, paired together, can only result in something good, right?) Here, you will find lots of book tags, book memes and the occasional review.

I will be talking about books I love, as well as books I don’t love but think others might enjoy, so stick around if that’s something you think you’ll like. I would love to meet and talk to other readers!

You can find me on: Goodreads | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube